SkyHarvester Awarded New Social Security Building Rainwater Harvesting Contract

January 29, 2013

URBANA, Maryland, (January 29, 2013) – SkyHarvester, a division or Watertronics, will be providing two new water harvesting systems for the $500 million Social Security Administration Building.  One system will supply water for irrigation purposes and the other will supply water to the building’s cooling towers. 

The system will have a total combined storage of 170,000 gallons, 50,000 to be used for irrigation and 120,000 for the cooling towers.  SkyHarvester engineers worked closely with Hensel Phelps Construction and the Timmons Group during phase one of the design-build process to develop the most economic solution while maximizing harvested water capacity.  The overall building is 300,000 square feet and scheduled for completion in 2014.