Turn Key Water Harvesting Solutions

SkyHarvester® provides a single-source solution for commercial water harvesting systems for new or existing buildings.  We custom-design complete water management systems that harvest water from multiple sources and deliver it efficiently to multiple applications, automatically.

Our Design & Engineering group works hand in hand with your Architect or Engineer to provide custom solutions with everything you need to harvest, store, filter and control the distribution of your own water supply.

By choosing a SkyHarvester system, you can expect:

  • Site-specific design
  • Pre-filter for highest possible water quality in the storage vessel
  • Water storage solution with capacity from 2,000 to 500,000+ gallons above or below ground
  • Backup water integration, control and measurement
  • Pump station and control panel that with fully automated operation
  • Discharge filtration for total suspended solids removal (TSS, 5-500 micron)
  • Integration with building automation systems and remote cloud-based monitoring